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Roaches Tea Rooms Lunch Menu

Welcome to the Roaches Tea Rooms Lunch Menu. Look out for our own freshly made Specials of the Day -
but remember to leave enough room for Dessert!

Staffordshire Oatcakes


Staffordshire oatcake filled with cheese and served with a salad garnish
- Single
- Double
Staffordshire double oatcake with cheese and a served with a salad garnish plus a choice of two extra fillings - bacon, sausage, egg, mushroom, onion, baked beans or tomato
Additional fillings

Sausage, Egg, Chips & Beans


Baked beans or cheese on toast

Scrambled, fried or poached eggs on toast

Cheese or fried egg with baked beans on toast

Breaded mushrooms - served with a garlic dip and salad garnish

Herb scone meal - herb scone, salad garnish, cheese and butter

Sausages and chips with either fried egg or baked beans

Sausages and chips with fried egg and baked beans 

Chips, baked beans and a fried egg

Potato Wedges - served with a salad garnish and a choice of Dips- Barbeque, Chilli or Garlic Mayonnaise

Additional item

Tuna Sandwich


Cheese and pickle
Coronation chicken
Egg mayonnaise and cress
Hot roast beef (when available)
Roast ham
Tuna with or without mayonnaise
- all served with salad garnish



with a choice of two fillings
- ham, cheese, mushroom, onion or tomato

- all served with side salad and homemade coleslaw


Jacket Potato


Cheese and baked beans
Coronation chicken
Creamed mushrooms

Homemade coleshaw
Tuna with or without mayonnaise

- all served with side salad



Bacon and brie

Chicken and bacon

Chicken tikka
Feta cheese and tomato
Roast beef with mustard

- all served with side salad

Chicken Ceasar Salad


Coronation chicken
Chicken and Bacon
Roast beef
Roast ham
Tuna with fresh crunchy peppers (with or without mayonnaise)

- all served with homemade coleslaw and a warm roll
Ploughman's Lunch - two cheese salad with ham, pickled onion, warm roll and pickle 

Fish & Chips


Cooked ham meal
- served with fried egg, chips, garden peas and salad garnish

Mushroom stroganoff (v)
- served with vegetables of the day and rice or chips

Whitby scampi
- served with chips, garden peas and salad garnish

Battered cod (skinless)
- served with chips, garden peas and salad garnish
Pie of the Day (with a puff pastry lid)
Vegetarian Lasagne
Beef Lasagne

Meat & Potato Pie with Chip & Gravy

Specials of the day - Freshly Prepared

Garlic Bread with Cheese



Crisp side salad
Garlic bread
Garlic bread - with cheese
Pack of Tyrrell's crisps
Portion of chips
Portion of chips - with cheese
Slice of bread or warm roll - with butter

Cup Cakes


Selection choice of homemade cakes

- served with cream

Ice cream - with strawberry, chocolate or lemon sauce
Chocolate bar or a piece of fruit


Apple Crumble

Dessert Specials - Freshly Prepared

Baileys Cheese Cake

All items are subject to availability and are freshly prepared to order.

Thank you for your patience.

We cannot guarantee that the products used do not contain nuts or nut derivatives.

We accept card payments but all transactions below £10.00 incur a 50p surcharge.
Debit card payments above £10.00 incur no surcharge but Credit card payments incur a surcharge of 2½%.

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